SolanaGlyphs are algorithmically generated NFTs on the Solana network. Beautiful, complex patterns are created from random seeds using a unique iteration of the original AutoGlyphs algorithm. The SolanaGlyphs algorithm contains unique generative and rarity characteristics not found elsewhere.

In the same way that a painter can create a beautiful painting using a sculpture as their guide, the SolanaGlyphs will be used as the guide that our future generative projects will be built upon. SolanaGlyph owners will be able to register their Glyphs to be used as the ‘raw materials’ for other generative projects and receive a portion of the minting fees and sale royalties they generate. The more rare the glyph, the more fees it earns.

SolanaGlyphs offer a unique valuable proposition. By having both beauty and utility, they allow their owners to own a truly unique piece of artwork and have the ability to generate future revenue beyond simple value appreciation.

Marketplaces to purchase SolanaGlyphs can be found on our LinkTree.